Guia de Hoy

Guia de Hoy

This project involves the rebranding of an existing Instagram business dedicated to promoting local events, social gatherings, music festivals, and other events in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, México.

The rebrand of the visual identity:

  • Visual Elements: We made a set of visual elements that can be used consistently on Instagram and Facebook posts. This include patterns, textures, icons, illustrations and emojis related to the different types of events (music festivals, art shows, etc.)

Applying the Visual Identity:

  • Post Templates: We made together Instagram post templates that incorporate the new logo, color palette, and fonts. This ensures consistency across the posts and makes the page instantly recognizable.
  • Photo Editing: We develop a consistent photo editing style.
  • Story Highlights: Also we design custom covers for story highlights with the new color palette and fonts. This creates a polished look and encourages viewers to explore past stories.

Socials: @guiadehoycln

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